VicMETS is a free-to-access network to assist manufacturing SMEs transition their businesses from the automotive, defence and TCF industries to the mining industry.

The Opportunity

A recent Austmine study found that the Mining Equipment, Technology and Services (METS) sector has emerged as a new driver of growth, contributing 6.4% to Australia’s GDP. It is growing at 15% per annum and is now one of Australia’s largest export sectors.

Victoria’s share of the METS sector is significant with revenues of approximately $17billion and with the highest number of METS companies exporting of any State.


“The strategy session with the VicMETS team was very productive. It confirmed some of the plans and goals that we already had in place. A fresh set of eyes looking at what our business can offer to the market place gave a great insight into the mining industry.

To then get an introduction to a key player in the mining market was great. It was then up to us to present, price and land the order. With some hard we work – we did. We hope that this is the start of a strong, long term business relationship with this leader in the industry. Thanks.”

– Rohan Sutton – Sales & Marketing Manager, Shearform Pty Ltd


Industry Experiences

We have profiled a diverse range of industry participants in a series of videos that provide insights into practical issues such as how to get the attention of a mining company, how to find the right contact, is it best to try a mine site or head office etc.

The series includes the Managing Director of MTM Auto, the Chairman of Austmine, Director and Head of Sales Mining of Australian Turntable Company, and the Managing Director of GPSat Systems.


Toolkits for you

These resources are designed to assist your business make the transition to a METS company as soon as possible. They provide information on the different market segments and how to go about accessing the opportunities.

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VicMETS Resource Library

A continually updated one-stop-shop for industry reports and resources.

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Why Mining?

As the global economy continues to grow, driven by the rapid growth of the new middle-class consumers of China and India and other developing nations, demand for minerals will increase accordingly. Click here to learn more about the size and scale of the opportunity the Mining industry represents.

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