Gekko Systems

Gekko Systems is a successful METS business. Founded in 1996 in Victoria, it is a world technical leader in gold processing and low-energy mining solutions.


How did Gekko get started?

“We applied for a research and development grant from the Federal Government and that gave us some money to go and do some test work…”

Length: 1:07 sec

What challenges did you face trying to break into the mining industry?

“Convincing our customers that it was worth coming to buy from us. We were a ‘Mum and Dad’ operation…”

Length: 1:09 sec

When you go overseas, peopele say “you’re from Australia, you must know what you’re doing”

How did you identify the right people to speak to?

“Part of our strategy was to target small to mid-size companies.”

Length: 1:15 sec

What was your marketing strategy in the early days?

“The first rule we had in marketing… was to make ourselves look bigger and better than we really were.”

Length: 1:00 sec