GPSat Systems

GPSat Systems Australia

A defence manufacturing business that has successfully transitioned to have a product/service/technology in the mining sector.

Demonstrating a successful business transition by understanding what they are making now, why and how they did make the transition, the problems they faced, and their thoughts on how others can do it too.


What do you make and how is it used in the mining sector?

“We’re a local specialist navigation and spatial sciences engineering company. For mining, we provide a manufactured product that basically provides very precise navigation for big machine position and orientation…”

Length: 1:01 sec

What are the mining companies like to deal with?

“They’re very direct and they’re really looking to identify your value proposition quickly.”

Length: 0:43 sec

If you’re thinking of starting to work with the mining industry, diversification is important.

How did you find opportunities in the sector?

“Initially attending some of the industry trade shows, starting dialogue with different organisations and basically a lot of up-front research.”

Length: 0:52 sec

What advice would you give to others?

“You need to maintain your existing customer base while you investigate the opportunities, identify your strengths and then put valued propositions to the mining customers.”

Length: 0:50 sec