MTM Automotive

As a recognised supplier of high quality components, MTM supplied the original 5 local customers of Ford , Holden, Toyota, Nissan and Mitsubishi for over 30 years. More recently Ford, Holden and Toyota utilised a wide variety of MtM products including windscreen washer nozzles, doorhandles, automatic gearshifts and steering columns in their vehicles.


What do you make and how is it used in the mining sector?

“We’re manufacturing a Tomcar, lights and lighting equipment, as well as a water purification device that can take black or grey water and put it into re-potable above-ground water.”

Length: 0:56 sec

Why did you diversify into mining?

“One of the reasons is that we saw the Australian automotive market as too small, so we then started looking at the export market, and had a great deal of success there.”

Length: 1:05 sec

Australia will be mining for a very long time, so once you’re in, hopefully you also will be around for a very long time.

How have you adapted in order to tackle the opportunities in the mining sector?

“We had to apply the skill sets that we’ve learned over the last 50 years and then look at how we could apply those…”

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How have you partnered with others to build your reputation in the mining sector?

“Rather than going directly to the sector, we approached the first tier suppliers and worked out how we could help them…”

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